An invitation to join a calming and tangible exploration

So good to have you here to join my visual travel journey on 35mm film - a calming and tangible exploration through the depths of the ocean, wisdom of the mountains, silent whispers of the desert and enriching colorful fragments of North Africa. 

I am a photographer and art director based in Amsterdam. Guided by intuition and trust, I use photography as a tool to bring harmony to my ever growing enthusiasm for the natural world, eastern philosophy and minimalist aesthetic. Gently allowing the stories to unfold while following the rhythm of the natural world. I'd be happy to lively up your place with one of my film photography works printed on premium quality and durable fine art Hahnemuhle Hemp paper. Printed in limited edition of 250. Thank you for supporting my journey to unfold all the beauty I see in this world. 

A personal note about the 'Vivid fragments of Morocco' series published by Allcall mag:

Setting foot on the charming Moroccan area of North Africa has truly been a transformative experience. A spiritual journey through a world where time seems to stand still. Imagine subtle flowery fragrant air whispering a warm welcome on arrival. The riad - the Moroccan home - reflecting a sense of paradise on earth. Ochre tinted sand radiating an infinite source of energy. All while being surrounded by the solid wisdom of the mountains and while the calming, yet forceful silence of the Saharan sands lure from afar. Before my first visit back in 2016, traveling never came very natural to me. I grew up always dealing with home sickness whenever leaving the safe surroundings of home. Never before have I been able to ground myself when places were not familiar. The exploration of this inspirited land definitely turned the tables ever since, the vibrant Moroccan energy truly uplifted my spirit since my first arrival. Despite the chaotic hustle and bustle in the medina - old town - the lively Moroccan vibration just keeps you going.Morocco offers a wide spectrum of experiences; from the clamour in the souks to the gentle sounds of the fountains in the arched patios of the riad to the nourishing silence of the desert. 
These sacred experiences has led to a yearly return because the yearning of the enriching Moroccan energy has never left my spirit.The visual fragments of these travels will proudly be collected in a future printed publication. 
Together with my travel companion and copywriter at Studio Joko we are developing a printed travel journal sharing our experiences; Marrakech, Morocco - A sophisticated travel essay - a visually stimulating essay that reflects how we, as a creative duo, experience the city and its surroundings. Our aim is provide guidance and inspiration for those seeking a more thoughtful and elegant travel experience.
The following selection of imagery is a tangible preview of this exploration and invites you along on this spiritual and visual journey and is shot on film in the luxurious La Palmeraie area in Marrakech, the Agafay desert, the Atlas mountains and Ouarzazate.

About the 'Poética natura' series:

A continuous introspective journey through meditative sceneries in search of a deeper connection with the very depths of space, nature and time. An ongoing visual essay captured on 35mm film during solitary travels through desolate landscapes. A visual contemplation exploring layers of history, the origin of life and the forces of the natural world.

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